We are proud to bring you our latest innovation, the “Virtual Football Academy.” In building this unique and easy-to-use application, we have blended together knowledge, expertise, and technology. The result is a unique and intuitive app that helps football players, coaches, PE teachers, and football enthusiasts to up their game. Everyone can access and use the application regardless of talent, ability, or age. We hope that the application will fulfill your football dreams and help you become a better player, or coach, and enjoy your game even more.


Our Virtual Football Academy is a complete interactive technical football skills program. The program distills the knowledge gained through developing young footballers for over 35 years. The program covers 100 technical football skills with increasing levels of difficulty. It uses Real Life Motion Capture to deliver excellent images and movements, together with Augmented Reality. VFA allows you to compare your own performance with that of real-life expert players and improve your technical abilities. Coaches and PE Teachers can monitor the performance and improvement of players, record their progress, and give them feedback using our connected Coach/Teacher Website, Coach Mobile Application, and a Player Mobile Application.


The Virtual Football Academy comprises a Coach/PE Teacher website, a coach, and a player mobile application. The mobile application is compatible with Android and IOS devices.

The Developers

Michel Mommertz

The brain behind Virtual Football Academy was a professional football player for the Dutch clubs of Roda JC Kerkrade, NEC Nijmegen and MVV Maastricht for 10 years before a serious ankle injury forced him to retire. With his professional career over, Mommertz became a youth football coach and joined Wiel Coerver, the worldwide renowned Dutch football coach who led Feyenoord Rotterdam to win the 1974 UEFA Cup. Mommertz helped Coerver develop his influential football training videos, ‘The Coerver Method’. He was Coerver’s assistant for 25 years and has been in charge of developing youth programmes for football clubs.

Dave Roemgens

The co-developer of the Virtual Football Academy, Dave was a professional football player for the Dutch Club Roda JC Kerkrade and for the Belgium clubs Patro Maasmechelen and FC Antwerp for 7 years before a serious foot injury forced him to retire from professional football. The developer of the VFA products, Michel Mommertz, was his coach and mentor for many years. Michel helped Dave to develop his skills and play top quality football for several years. Michel Mommertz and Dave Roemgens decided in 2019 to combine their years of experience in technical football skills development to create this new revolutionary application.


The VFA products educate through entertainment. The content included teaches and entertains as well. 

The VFA products relate to the current social development and have a gamified look and feel. The products keep education as their primary focus while teaching students in a fun way.


Motion Capture

VFA uses Real Life Motion Capture technology, which depicts actual human movements. The skills and exercises performed in the program are all done by children and are not computer animated.

Augmented Reality

We used Augmented Reality, the next generation infrastructure technology which lets the players perform in real time next to the animation character in the program. It gives the right example to compare your technical skills, understand your standing and motivate you to perform better.

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