Based on 35 years experience

Our Virtual Football Academy is a complete interactive technical football skills program

Improvement in all aspects

12 training categories

During the 25 levels you will improve in each and every one of these categories

Speed of footwork - Warming up

Ball Control

Kicking technique/ passing


Turn away

Receive and proceed

Throw in


Sliding tackle

Skills to beat an Opponent

Double Skills to beat an Opponent

Skills to beat an Opponent in your Back

Rating the skills

Practice makes perfect

VFA developed a skill rating system for the players homework and the practice session performance. To progress to the next skill, the player needs to have an average skill rating of 7 or higher. This skill rating is based  on both : the individual execution of the skill and the practice session performance.



Sequence of learning

1. The player learns the skills individually

The coach assesses the skill level of the player to determine the entry level, at the practice session. According to the player´s entry level the coach would determine what homework needs to be given.

2. Coach gives homework

The player practices the skill at home, in the park or anywhere there is space, and if it is safe to do so.

3. The Player compares their performance

3. The Player compares their performance

4. The Coach checks the video and rates

After receiving the homework, the coach then evaluates the player´s performance and will give the necessary advice for improvement and provide feedback to the player.

5. The Player practices the individual skills with the team

In the training session, using the skill learned as homework the player practices individually and in a group session of 2 and 3 players.

6. The Coach analyzes the small-sided games

The players perform the skill learned in the small-sided games, after the coach has reviewed the player AR video, he or she can be promoted to the next skill, next level or category.