Training program The more you practise, the better player you become


The Virtual Football Academy delivers a unique, comprehensive, and interactive technical football skills program comprising 100 individual skills. We divided these individual skills into 25 levels, each level having 4 skills, with each one increasing in level of difficulty. VFA has also divided the skills into 12 different functional football categories. We developed over 80 group exercises of 2 and 3 players to practice the 100 individual skills according to their categories.  

The curriculum is easy to use and accessible for coaches and players of all abilities. Therefore, we have developed 3 different ways of working:

The Skills Level Program

The Football Category Program

Five Different Courses

The coach can optimize their time with our Training Plan, organize the training sessions, assign skills and exercises for a particular date.


VFA features our structured intelligence program by increasing the level of difficulty in the exercises. It will enable the player to learn and develop this by practicing multiple football categories in one exercise.

The program teaches them to constantly change positions, move without the ball and emphasize on the communication between the players. This trains a player to learn to think for himself and for his teammates at the same time.


The coach assesses the skill level of the player to determine the entry level at the practice session. According to the player’s entry level, the coach would determine the homework that needs to be given.

The player practices the skill at home, in the park or anywhere where there is space, and it is safe to do so.

Viewing the character animation, the player(s) will use the Augmented Reality function to record themselves, compare the moves and then send the best practice performance video to the coach.

After receiving the homework, the coach then evaluates the player’s performance and will give advice for improvement to the player.

In the training session, using the skill learned as homework, the player practices individually and in a group session of 2 and 3 players.

The players perform the skill learned in the small-sided games. After reviewing the player AR video, he or she can promote the player to the next skill, level, or category.


We recommend two kinds of training session models, the regular training and the exchange training model.


One-hour training session comprising 4 parts: warming up skills, individual skills training, group exercises with 2 or 3 players and small-sided games. 


The coach divides the team into groups of 4 or 6 players, one of the group practices individually or in groups of 2 and 3 players, while the rest play small-sided games, 3v3 or 4v4, alternating the players in and out of the game.


Homework is of vital importance in the player’s development. Practicing housework regularly improves the individual technical quality and level of the player, and prepares the player for the coming training sessions. Using the Augmented Reality function to communicate with the coach makes the homework not only functional but also FUN.

Doing the homework daily shows the dedication and commitment of the players to become better footballers and improve their game.



Rating the skills

VFA developed a skill rating system for the players’ homework and the practice session performance. To progress to the next skill, the player needs to have an average skill rating of 7 or higher. This skill rating is based on both: the individual execution of the skill and the practice session performance.  

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